our first girls photo session

I will try to be as objective as I can, but I must admit, because I’m a man, it will be difficult for me to somehow bite this subject! For most of us they sit and do their nails, for others they are house wife’s, they shop, look after children and fight in the kitchens battlefield, perhaps we have learned to look at them this way, or maybe that’s what we expect of them. They say the times have changed, the civilization progressed , the world rushes, the women grew in strength, they are ruling the mans world! Are they really conquering the world?! Women are just as strong as they were 10, 50, 100 years ago! I think that we successfully defended the male world from them. Yes defended, and now we are loosing this fight effectively only because there is less and less real man in this world, perhaps because the new generation of men is not masculine !? So on behalf of men who can still call themselves a real man I’d like to introduce a few girls, or women I should say, that we had pleasure to meet and which boldly stormed into our male “motorcycle world” I will not introduce them one by one as I respect their privacy but I will try to explain how I see and understand them. We were able to invite to our photo shoot girls of all ages, from different parts of Poland but all living here in England, wanted to say the mothers, wives and mistresses, but not quite. Woman that despite their every day commitments share one passions which are motorcycles. Every spare time between work, books, children and shopping they spent on their rides and fly like we do. We could say they are crazy, but no! When we met them they turned out to loving girlfriends, wives, singles who have their own world -motorcycles, which gives them the greatest joy and freedom. When looking at them I tried to understand what really fascinates them in bikes, really they should be fascinated by us, guys, especially those with motorcycles, but I think they were able to find the true meaning of it all. They really feel it, love it and live by it more than we do. They began to create a new style, a new form of female motorcycle world. For them motorcycles they are like parenting and marriage all in one. Yes! It is true! They care about their machines as they would look after their children, each one of them has motherly heart for the bike and they even give them names! Clearly us-men got replaced by motorcycles and I think we have to come in terms with this fact – well unless you have a bike and balls big enough to race with your woman. I notice that most of you are afraid of such women, I do not know why, because running away from them, gives them understanding that they won in our man’s world. I do not want to set you against them, but I want you to understand that when they come home and leave their machines in the garage, they are still our fragile princesses, wishing for loving, caring and strong men, so let’s not forget this fact! Just as we do, they want to be free and independent and take the best out of this gray life. They also want to feel the wind in their hair, show off and feel sexy. Everything that we do not give to them on a daily basis! All of us guys must admit, he get turned on when we see a lass on her own bike. Sometimes we forget that they are women and when storming into our bikers world the are prompting us about this fact! Once they put their foot in the door of our mans world, they fight for respect and dignity, which is subconsciously taken away from them because we are scared. Gentlemen, let’s change it because we all have the right to have passion and to be happy. We should feel obliged to give them chance to enjoy this happiness with us! You may think I’m getting soft – no! I just watch the direction in which it all goes, and these girls make me want to be more masculine than I am right now in my mans world. Honestly I never never fully understand women, but I really try to learn about them. I continue to wonder why do they do it and why do they step into the male world. It will always be a mystery, a lesson for us to catch up on.


more pictures from session on our Facebook fan page



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