follow your dreams

A few years ago I decided to go on my first long solo trip on a motorcycle. I did it spontaneously, without preparation, but I felt like I was in my element! If someone told me that I’m crazy going on a motorbike to Poland – they were right! It was crazy – very crazy! Until now it was my best automotive adventure, full of surprises, which began with a closed gas station in France, just past the Channel Tunnel. I had to push my bike 5 miles to the next petrol station, but it turned out that there were only an automatic machines! Apparently they were accepting Visa cards, but not British ones – only Maestro, so they could charge an additional € 2 per fuel purchase! I was stuck there in the middle of the night for some good two hours without a bloody soul around. Thanks to the Belgian, who stopped and let me use his ATM card or rather helped me to use currency exchanged, I was able to refuel my motorcycle! I was extremely happy and relieved that I could continue to ride! At the next station after refueling I sat down and had a coffee which helped me to get my strength back! At this point I was over the hump! I met a group from England with whom I traveled 350 miles safely. On the stretch of A38, 260 km before the Polish border drive chain snapped and stopped me for over 4 hours in full summer sun without water, food and without any hope for help, but with completely useless brake down cover for Europe! 1557627_1530343500576416_782476230244909864_nHardly anyone drove pass, but whoever did, stopped and tried to help. German police on motorcycles who just finished their shift, helped me to tow my bike to safety of the car park. He’ll came from two Polish drivers who selflessly gave me water, something to eat and the helped in repairing a motorcycle! I am very grateful to them for what they did !!!! Especially that I never in my life have replaced chain link with a hammer, pliers and a stone! And the mysterious German who stopped and offered a help on his way to work promised that if on his way back if I’m still at the side of the road, he will drive home to pick up his tools and help me fix my bike. Once me and two drivers did as much as we could to fix the bike it turned out that the mysterious German searched for me and found me at this parking lot! We managed to get to his garage about 6 miles away and he helped me to finish fixing and checking my motorcycle! I had a mental brake down, almost wanted to cry, after pushing the bike for 7 km I wondered if I should turn back and head to England! Even now when I thing back I wonder if it was worth it! Oh yeah it was! Because despite of every day struggles in my life I’m very lucky to meet great people who would help selflessly without having second thoughts about it! This experience – priceless! The beautiful sceneries in Europe and the smell of Polish summer compensated all troubles I have gone through. Life proved to me that the selfless help, you give others will come back to you with double strength !!!!!!!! That’s why every year I organises Race To Home, because every year is a fucking great adventure and a way of life for me !!!! I was criticised for many reasons, and you can laugh at this or not, but each one of us has our own fairy tale, and I am proud of mine !! It’s just a small piece of this whole adventure !!



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